Meet Our Family

Andrew – Adoption Agent / Finance Specialist

Growing up a dog lover, working with the AKC Pups team has been an amazing experience. Getting to see the look on a families face as they welcome a new member to their home is something I look forward to everyday. In working on the sales team here at AKC Pups I have had the opportunity to expand my knowledge on many different breeds and in turn help guide those families to the pup that is the best fit for them. In addition, I get to take all the adorable photos seen posted on our website allowing me to have some play time with each individual pup!

Chelsie – Lead Puppy Care Specialist / Follow up care

Having 12 years of experience working with animals, getting to share and utilize my knowledge to care for the little ones here at AKC Pups has been amazing! Making sure the pups are as healthy and happy as possible is always my number one priority. Managing the kennel staff has given me the opportunity to educate the rest of the staff on what it takes to ensure each pup is as healthy as can be. I get so attached to some of the pups that sending them home can be tough! But I am always sure to call and check on each pup that goes home to make sure they don’t miss us too much!

Matt – Lead Follow up care / Emergency consultation / Customer care

This passion of mine started at a young age because my mother breeds cavalier king charles, and i own two cavaliers that are actually from my mom. This passion did not leave me and continued as i journeyed through college and graduate school. I decided to follow my passion and work for and a part of a special company that has the same values as me.

Kacee – Lead Adption Agent

I relocated to have the opportunity to work with a team of highly educated and compassionate people who share my love for animals. I found it tough to find reputable breeders and love being able to work for a company who truly takes pride in ensuring the health and quality of each puppy. Each one of us individually plays a strong role in ensuring you have the best possible experience. Its hard not to take every puppy home, and I find my family expanding each year!

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